sábado, 10 de julio de 2010

My dinner was a success!

I wish I had taken a picture of it, but here are some other pictures! I'm thinking manana I will do a virtual tour of mi casa? If there's an interest ;)

Firstly, the view!

Mi cuarto! Just after I got my bags, yes they were lost at the airport for 2 days. It already looks more homey so there will be more pictures.

El puerto to my bathroom! Claudio is in the process of finishing it. And my view and the balcony that I share with 2 girls from California.

The terrace! My favorite place, we eat, we drink, we hang, others smoke. Mis amigos Irene y Sami de Finland y Hannah de Australia.
More to come! I'm drinking this wine and it's delicious, I guess it's true. and the best part? This bottle was like $3.

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  1. EVAN! I LOVE YOUR APARTMENT! The yellow room and awesome mural are really exciting. i hope you are having a great time and I like your quotes from Ishmael. I miss you boy!

    MUCHOS LOVE (I don't do Spanish, obviously.)