martes, 13 de julio de 2010

Last night... (se llaman Santiaguinos)

I slept for 3.5 hours, but I'd say it was worth it.

After our welcome dinner where I was served a pisco sour (yummy!) and the largest glass of vino i've ever had, we went to Bellavista for Stephanie's (a girl from the group) 21st. Bellavista is the "bohemian" neighborhood that could be most compared to The Mission in SF. You may not be suprised, but turning 21 isn't a big deal here nor is Monday a big night for bars/clubs. There's also the fact that it was only around 11pm and nothing really gets started til 1am at the soonest.
So we stop in a microbrewery, great beer! And we're about to leave but Ramon from the group finds two Santiaguinos (natives of Santiago). They're upstairs both very drunk and one guy is playing su guitarra and singing folklorico, de Mapuche (the indigenous population in Chile), and other latino songs. This guy was hilarious, not only could he sing, but he was just want in general, "Say my name!" he kept saying!
Anyways, we have fun with them and close the bar down, like I said it was Monday. We walk a ways and say goodbyes. So many chileans are like this! Just super friendly, down to talk to you and patient with your spanish, and just fun people in general.

So it's about 2am and we're looking forward to bed soon, but this doesn't happen because as I'm headed back home with 2 girls Patty & Casie to walk them home we encounter 2 Santiaguinos mas, drunk also, but la mujer version. They had a bottle of wine in hand and proceded to follow us all the way to the girls' house because they didn't want to walk alone. The girls, having only been to their house once, weren't clear about where they lived. You can imagine, it's cold, they're drunk, we're less so. They find their place and Chiru and I (he doesn't havce a place yet so he stayed with me) head home with these drunk girls.
Then it's "Tengo hambre" and "I need to pee!" so I thought I'd be nice and let them come in for a bit, and of course they eat all my food! Good times though!
Oh! And as we head in, a stray dog, that had also followed us forever tries to come in as well, so as safely as I could I grabbed it by the neck and kicked it out.
Ay Chile! You're so much fun! But let me relax a little; especially with these 9am language classes every day!

So tonight that's where I am, in bed, to watch a movie and chilll a bit. I even said no to my roomies who are going out tonight, mostly likely til past 4am.

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  1. Hey Evan,

    seems that you are having a great time there. Go on writing. I'll keep on following your blog :D

    Eray :D

  2. Eray! How are you! i'd be curious to know how you are as well, you're starting university, yes?

  3. Hey hey ;D
    Fine thanks. I started to work in a hotel here in Heidelberg. But I'm going to university, too.