domingo, 11 de julio de 2010

An emerging side of Evan

You may not know, but I've entered a typical stage in life for a person of my age. The early 20's are a time for self exploration and many of us westerners are pulled to the ways of the east.

I've been looking at my year here in Chile as the perfect time to make some time to really focus on myself. So with more time on my hands I've already started two activities that I have been wanting to pay more attention to and they are helping each other out quite a bit.
One is meditation, I started out with yoga, then I went to see a guru, and now I'm here with myself. There's time for more learning from others, but I've looked to my other longing for reading books! and I've come to the realization that all this talk that religions have about their "bible" or their "scriptures"----these are simply special writings that have helped people in some way.
A bible is just a books that helps you.

So for me, I've looked to a few books that I've wanted to read for a long time. Be here now has given me insight into the drug culture, but more so I have taken from it a helpful practice for meditation. I used a process of breathing it taught me for a little routine I am putting together for myself. My own religion you could say.
What else? Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, I wrote down a few quotes that really spoke to me and just sat with them for a bit.

So for now these are my bibles, I thought I would share these 2 passages from Ishmael that I wrote down,

The first especially fits my current place,

"Was it possible, I wondered, that changing my location had somehow changed me?"

"I was trying to puzzle out why life should be divided in this way, half of it interesting and pleasant and half of it boring and unpleasant. I had no concept of myself asa a captive; it didn't occur to me that anyone was preventing me from having an interesting and pleasant life."

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  1. love the Ishmael quotes. this is one of my favorite books. I may read it again, now that you are reminding me of its greatness! thanks for the stories... keep them coming.