miércoles, 12 de enero de 2011

Catch up!

Well a lot has happened as usual.
I made it home safe from the trip, even a few days early, as I became to miss my home in Santiago (who would´ve thunk that!). Peru is a beautiful country full of adventure, but it´s so different and the funcional Chile was a great relief.
I learned lots, as I went for that adventure. I wanted to travel alone because I´d never done that, now that that´s over I´m back to traveling with friends, it´s just more fun, easier, less stressful (sometimes). And the need to see and do everything has dwindled a bit as I look forward to spending more time in fixed places. The constant nomad life wears me out, and I´ve learned I´m quite a fan of home, wherever that may be in the moment.

I had a good week in Santiago to recover from the Peru illness and see friends. Thankfully I recoverd by the time the mom and I headed to Chiloé. First off I gave her a rapid tour of the city, La Vega fruit and veggie market, and a walk through the city. Next day breakfast in my favorite place in my favorite city Valparaiso and off to Isla Negra and Neruda´s house.
But the trip really got going in Chiloé, free with the rental car. Dirt roads, ancient forts, penguins, volcanoes, shingles houses and the nicest people. I´m glad I picked this place for mom. However annoyed I got with front seat driving and being around the ¨mother¨again, it was a special visit. Transitioning from Mother to Friend, not a trip of great conversations or realizations, but just of being and learning from another as we both live our lives developing our patterns and our life. It´s hard when two stubborn hermits spend 24/7 together (all from the heart, momma). Chiloé and its surroundings is an incredible part of Chile to share with someone and especially for Christmas. We were surrounded by adventurous nature but happy to be in our little cabaña and bake cookies with the Christmas Carols, thanks mom!
Saying bye to mom was hard, especially when she starts crying, but I was proud of us.

Some more time in Santiago and then to Valparaiso for New Years. Good company with two of my besties Patty and Hannah (and her aussie besties). An incredible city where everyone, thousands upon thousands come for new years. We got a bit of the crowds but with time before midnite I was looking to head up to the hills. Passing people headed down from the best view in the city we made it to the top just as the fireworks went off. You can see the whole bay from Cerro Alegre and they have not one but 4 shows going off at once. Tears and smiling and cheering and hugging and thinking of all you and everyone back home. A really incredible moment. Added to this we were probably the only gringos as it was all locals who lived a top, young and old running about, spraying champagne and all smiling. Patty and I had an extra box of wine so we handed it to an old man standing next to us.
That action set us for the rest of the night as he offered us a drink, an offering from Jesus. A very religious man but also an incredible philosopher. We talked into the night until 5 or 6am, sharing in food and friends and family of the house. I felt so lucky to have such local company and not be considerd so different. Not what I was expecting for the night as thousands of drunk people cluttered the streets for hours as we sat atop the hill sipping wine and having life conversations with a handfull of 70 year olds.

To say the least, this was an incredible night. And in these moments I was reminded of how great life is, how great mine is. I´ve continued this simple insight into these last weeks. I´m reminded how to enjoy my life and not get on myself about life progress, etc. I´m made it as close to living in the moment as I ever had, a relief. I feel back to my old, happy self. Not looking forward and just being happy with what I have now and where I am. No more hermit, sad, trying to make something of life.
And here I am in the desert, more to come as I need to go. More travels, etc.
But here´s a last insight into my new/old ways:

It´s this state of patience in the present
Holding off the rush for progress
Not restricting plans and dates
as one will learn they do not stay
Imagining dreams is another thing
Living what you want without
continuing what you don´t

A successful life is live in sincerity
full and complete, not only for others
Happiness is a choice, not a destination
because once you get ther you realize
you could have been there all along

Dreams aren´t fantasy
but like destiny, they lack control
Shaping is safe, but following builds courage
A soul forever happy always wins.

This new state I´ve found
being in harmony with what is, what presents itself
Still looking forward
Even with anticipation, but not frasping for certainty
Following the idea that staying, maintaining happiness always win
You can be hungry and tired and feel grumpy
but that´s no excuse to stray from that sincere being
Enjoying everything, every aspect, leaves no room for disappointment
Not worrying, concerning, or inventing stress:
there´s always someone else to take that role.