jueves, 22 de julio de 2010

2 plays...

una buena, una mala.

Theatre is showing to be a good way to practice my listening skills. This past Sunday I saw an excellent play based on Isabel Allende's first play Casa de los Espiritus. Timely and perfect because the actors had great diction. They also used cool special effects where the actors were videotaped and then projected on the background during the scene. Very effective.

And then last night. Another play with special effects, a great concept, but with terrible results. I can only compare the experience to a 3 hour long videogame style drama. the concept was this, 2 screens with images and lots of video projected on it while the actors stand in between and interact with the virtual images. But what actually resulted was a corny jumble of magic realism where the action changes from an old man obsessed with butterflies, to a knight and his damsel in distress in a castle tower, to the production of a film, to a girl dying in a hospital. All with no clear connection.
Yes, this all sounds fascinating, but in reality, it was incredibly boring. Alas, I'll try again next week I think.

Also, tuesday! We went to La Chascona, one of the Pablo Neruda's houses, which he had built for one of his several wives Matilda Urrutia. This place is so enchanting! (corny I know, but the most appropriate word for it). The moment I walked in I felt this change in the air. It smelled so peaceful and full of creative energy and so many objects and paintings from all over the world. I may be crazy, but I felt as if Neruda still has a presence there.
Sadly, I forgot my camera this day as it's a beauty. Although there are no fotos allowed inside.

Today we took our last group trip to 2 museos. Pics to come soon I think!

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  1. If you have time to see the frida khalo's house, think about me, I love her.
    Have fun, sweet Evan.

  2. Love seeing pictures and hearing what's up with you.

    Call me.

    Your Mom

  3. I wasn't award Frida had a house here. In Santiago?