lunes, 26 de julio de 2010

Museo Precolombino

This spankin' new museo has a collection from a spread of cultures through America. You can't really read this map, but cool picture right?

This guy here is an example of the ball games they would play with their knees and shoulders. That thing in front? the hoop!

Mumios! Not the nickname given for Los Militares, but the really old dead people. The guide told us that these mummies, found in Arica, Chile (I think?) date further back than those in Egypt and have stirred the debate about the oldest found specimens.

No, these aren't from Easter Island. These are statues of the Mapuche people, the most abundant indigenous population in Chile. An interesting fact? They were a matrimonial society and so the Shamans were women, if a man wanted to be a shaman they dressed like women.

I don't recall the tribe, but here's an example of the native copper, one of Chile's largest exports.
Ok class! One more museum!

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