miércoles, 18 de agosto de 2010

I'm wearing shorts today!

Although I'll likely change once I leave the house. It's blue skies today and I'm just imagining what will come in the next month. I can't wait!

Before it's too late, here are some pics from my weekend trip to Valparaiso!

It wasn't the best weekend for a coastal visit, but not even the fog can disguise the colors of Valpo.

Our climb to the Hostal, look at the steps!!!

Even those parts with out graffiti have a certain attractiveness to them.

La Sebastiana, Pablo Neruda house #2

Here's where the night journey started. Remember me complaining about the group doing nothing? Well here's what I experienced instead of staying in to watch The Matrix. So glad I turned that moment around, this city is just as gorgeous during the night.

My best lady friends, Hannah and Aspen.

This dog was the sweetest, fluffiest, most incredible ever! I called him over and he rested his head on my lap for a good 2 minutes, I had to pry him off when we left. I love those moments.

Stairs, stairs, stairs!

It seems the poorer you are the higher up you like. You can see the endless about of stairs.

The local cemetary

The graffiti! Isn't it incredible?

It seems virtually every surface is covered in graffiti, but the kind you wouldn't mind to cover your outside walls.

Vina Del Mar, the casino, more ritzy town that neigbors Valparaiso.

We went here to get some of the beach air! So nice to finally make it to the ocean. I missed it!

lunes, 16 de agosto de 2010

Turning bad to good

Immediately after my silly rant, I told myself to cheer up and head outside. This is when my trip to Valpo(araiso) turned great! I headed out with Aspen and Hannah and wandered the streets with incredible views of the city in lights. Then we went out, had a great time dancing at El Huevo, also had a surprisingly emotional reaction to the fun time but having my dear new friend Marina there to allow me to release a bit.
The next day more wandering the streets and as you will soon see (with pictures to come!) this is one beautiful city with nearly ever surface covered in graffiti, artists talented enough to be in a museum. Also an incredible breakfast at El Desayunador (desayuno meaning breakfast). I felt like I was back in SF for a bit.

sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

Me odian grupos!

I hate groups! That is to travel with anywhere. You do have the things in twice the time. Here I am in beautiful Valparaiso sitting around in our hostel silent. Bah! At least we sa La Sebastiana, Neruda´s home here.
I want to explore and I suppose I should, but I think the clueless fatigue is spreading....

jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

Lagging again?

Sorry folks!

What's new? Night after Critical Mass, I encountered an exciting demonstration of High School Students, part of La Revolucion de los Pinguinos de 2006. They are still very active these days. I got quite inspired considering the state of our education in CA, so much that I forgot to air my grievances here.

Also! School has started! Although I only have 1 class at the moment. Estetica Moderna y Postmoderna. It's an abstract subject but the professor is extremely passionate and a please to listen to. It's a chore concentrating in lectures, but I was expecting that.
I have 3 other classes to look forward to in the coming weeks.
Cultura Chilena
Espanol Avanzado
Seminario en America Latina Siglo XX

Today! I cleaned the fridge, boy was it disgusting, but those kinda things build character, no? I had been wanting to clean that damn thing since I got here, rotting food and mold, not so nice. But I did it and I feel so much better, yay responsibilities!
I was actually planning on going to the beach and getting drunk (apparently a tradition of the first weeks of school, but they sold all the tickets before I got there. So just as well I think.)

If it all goes my way I'll post some more pics tomorrow.
Love y'all

martes, 3 de agosto de 2010

Another teaser!


So, finally some pics from a week or so back. A dear friend of some of us roommates, Karla, invited us to stay over at her house for a night in La Cruz. We didn't get there until midnight, so there are no pictures, but her mother stayed up to serve us dinner!
Here are some memories from the next day, starting with breakfast.

It wasn't entirely ripe, but I wanted to try lucama. It's the fruit above except Mercedes, mom, recommended to mash it up with cream. Que delicioso!

Here we are! Aspen, Hassan, Karla, Franziska Y madre!, Aspen y Hannah
View from outside the house, and into the car we go!

That is a Toyota Yaris, seats four when in reality we are 7: 2 in the passenger seat, 4 of us in the back and mom driving!

Touring the countryside, if you look closesly you may see some Paltas! (Avocados)

And we encountered this exciting foot bridge! Makes you think of Indian Jones, right?

More of that beautiful green slime, and look! It's the Andes in the distancia.

I couldn't resist taking some mid-air photos! Fernanda y Karla

Aspen and Hannah, oh Joy!

And the men decide to be a bit more daring. Me, then Hassan.

Look at all those gates! Then back into the car, this time me on top in the back.

And off to the nursery, que bonita no?

Another happy dog.

And Mercedes was nice enough to drive me to Quintolla for the bus to Santiago.
Sadly I had to leave early for a school project, but I'll see you again dear Paltalandia!