sábado, 10 de julio de 2010

I'm in the Kitchen!....

of my new house!!

This is a dream. An apartment with four floors and about 14 housemates including me. The first floor has an outdoor patio and the 4th has a terrace with a view of the fucking Andes!
Last night was my first here and it was great. I felt at home the instant I got here and everyone is so friendly and chill. We made dinner and sat atop the terrace eating pasta and drinking wine, ahhhhhh. Edys and su hermano (brother) Ruben run the place. There are 3 of 4 girls from California, a couple from Finland, one guy from England, one from France, another Chilean, a girl from Australia and more? I can't remember them all.

Today I went shopping (which was totally fun since everything is new to me) and now I have food! I'm already forgetting words in English which is a great sign. And I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH AND MISSSSSS YOOOOOOOOU!

but my food is ready so I'll get on later tonight or tomorrow and tell more and show pics!

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