miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

So whats new

Many things.
First my mother's request is my encounter with gypsies. I great day in general, tough as in great and challenging yoga session and so my emotions were raw and I was happy. I'd just picked up my camera from the repair shop and was walking down the main drag of Santiago when I came upon a rooming asking for "monedas", coins. I gave her a few and continued on, but she grabs my hand muttering something, asking me to come and sit down.
Now in my Zen mode I though, why not? She starts reading my hands and muttering some more, my Spanish is still improving but also not at a level to understand everything. I did get the gist though.
She asks, "Do you have faith?" and I say, yes, but what do you mean. She asks me to pull out my wallet and show her the money and I did that. Then she asked for a $10 and, very hesitantly, I let her have it as I was sitting in public and she didn't seem like she would run off. Next her accomplice comes over and overs some weird plant and they have me hold it as this first gypsy (who happens to be holding a newborn as well) proceeds to wet my bill and destroy it.
But I saw something before which I believe was an already wet clump of paper along with my bill in her hand. After "destroying" my money completely and discussing how this was to show that money doesn't hold importance especially considering where I'm from (all true) she must have assumed I'd be satisfied. But I knew she ripped me off and so I brought this up.
"You just robbed me, I know the money is up your sleeve", "How am I to have faith if having faith got me robbed" "I'm not going to give money to another Gypsy or have faith in anything related so what good does this do?"
Of course they have responses, but nothing of any substance. Just a bunch of wahooey. So as I didn't looked convinced (maybe not as stupid as I seemed even though I had just handed over nearly $20), another came over and tried to explain to me their religion showing me a doll of their sacred one or something. And I'm not sure if she was cursing me or what, but then in a matter of seconds, out comes her breast, Squirt! and she sprays her milk at me.
At this I was just getting more weirded out and I basically told them thanks for robbing me, what good are you doing really? The other tried to comfort me by telling me my money would return within 2 hours and they basically told me they had to leave, assumedly to rob more idiots like me!


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