miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

Moving? Film Festivals!

What's more?
well there's been a saga of moving. I've been feeling less comfortable in this house of mine, not because of the house, it's still great, not because of my roomies up on my level, but because of the constant partying and the bad vibe I get from several of the Chileans, namely the homophobic ones.
I'm not one to let these things bother me so deeply, but If I have a chance to get out of the situation I will. I had a chance, an awesome one, a place with a good friend, in a better neighborhood for $140 (!) less a month, but yesterday, he regrettably informed me that the room is no longer available! So what am I to do. I was prepared to move, messaging dozens of people trying to replace myself, but there we go.
So I spoke to Edys yesterday and it seems I'll stay. It just makes more sense what with there only being 2 more months. I could save a lot of money moving but It's difficult when it's not a friend and a place you're familiar with. I'm still not completely satisfied with the vibe and I may get the guts to approach some of the twirps I live with, but I can also live contently with my fellow extranjeros, be more solitary and not socialize with people I don't like, easy enough, right?


Tonight I'm leaving for a good week to volunteer in a film festival! Yay! The Festival Internacional de Cine de Validivia. It's a 12 hours bus ride away, so I leave tonight, arrive tomorrow. I'm very excited already, reading up on the program it has an incredible selection. It'll be a good escape and really good to add another festival to the resume. And plus I'm going alone which is what I've been itching for. People keep asking me, who are you going with? and I proudly say, NO ONE! =)

Yoga's moving along. I'm consistently going 2-3 times a week and I feel amazing every time. No pictures as of know as I'm waiting to here back if the camera can be fixed! I hope I can get it before I leave today so I can share my Valdivia trip with you all.
And the Zen book is still keeping me focused, I through up some more quotes soon. This book is really guiding my growth as everytime I collect quotes they mirror my current stage, imagine that!

It's Ralphie's birthday tomorrow. I am still eternally grateful for silence he's giving me. I've probably learned more about myself from his lesson as I feel as though I'm the most clear minded I've ever been. Discipline is wise. Since I can't physically send him a gift I'll enjoy the gift he's given me.

Other than that, I'm doing really well on my own, more and more. Focusing on just being myself! Not worrying about how I appear to others or following my own silly rules. Just being. I've still got a long ways to go, and much more time to isolate myself in Chile. good thing I won't be bored!

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