martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Saintly virgen of the hill,
oh immaculate Mary!
From this sacred moutain,
Look at me with tenderness and love
and beg to our father God
Pardon our sins
Today I consecrate myself to you.
I offer you my heart,
So that your son Jesus
Increasing my week faith,
Give me relief and salvation,
I beg you to intercede,
For the good of my family,
For the whole Elqui Valley
and for my lovely homeland.
Protect us from sickness
Earthquakes and landslides
and I beg you for Vicuña,
that you hear there prayers,
from this blessed sanctuary
Help us to participate,
in the gifts of the spirit
to be able to make a pilgrimage
to the encounter with you,
the the whole and infinite heave,

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