sábado, 16 de octubre de 2010

Festival Loco!

I´m here in Valdivia and it´s finally picking up. The first day was chaotic as is any day in festival, but mainly for me because I arrived without any real plan. It helps that I speak English, so they´re trying to use me for translating but at times that becomes awkward. Yesterday I dined with some of the English speakers, but it was mainly a chance to eat some great food! I also chatted with Juan Pablo, the main translator of the festival and a charming British woman. Very interesting to speak with her as she runs an "alternative" film festival in Barcelona. Connections all around! although I didn´t get her card before she ran off, but I´ll get it next time!
After this I went over to the festival offices, a way cool old wooden house, to help out the runner. This turned out to be a lot more fun, as in I had something to do more than sitting around. The runner drives the film prints all over town to and from theatres, so I acted as his assistant. Good times, Diego is really friendly and so it really wasn´t much work.
Today I help him out in the morning and today is yet another job. There´s a convention of "pitches" from 3-7 and I´ll be there to help out anyone who lacks Castellano. I´m not sure how much help I´ll be or exactly what I´ll be doing, but it bodes to be extremely interesting nonetheless. The idea is that each person has 7 minutes to pitch their project and 7 minutes of feedback. I believe this is in order to get funding, so I´ll be seeing films at their very birth!! Fascinating.
Afterwards I plan to catch the latest Pal D´Or winner at Cannes this year, the Thai film Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives. I tried for it last night but arrived with little time to spair and as it´s possible I´ll have to arrive early tonight!
Anywho I´m very glad I made the jump to call the festival. As you can imagine I´m basically just the handy volunteer and do what´s needed. Which make for an interesting week. I´d say much more than another week stuck in Santiago reading about political geography.

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