jueves, 16 de septiembre de 2010

Almost a month!

Even now I´m in a computer lab right now hurrying to write this as I´m meeting up with some Chilean friends, that´s good right! We´re going to a ¨fonda¨on campus which is a traditional party where you eat food and maybe get a little tipsy.
Yes it´s a celebratory weekend as it is my birthday but also Chile is celebrating its independence. I see this as a good excuse to relax and not focus to much on myself and just have a grand ol´time!

Sorry I´ve been neglecting the blog. But as I look back on these last weeks it´s probably best I refrained from writing here as most of it would´ve been depressing homesick-fuel, focusing on the past, etc. But now I´m back to sort of normal, feeling happy about where I am.
This past weekend I took a weekend trip with some friends from my group to Elqui Valley. It was good to get out of the city and my quickly forming routine of school and not much else. I finally got to see a more ¨real, authentic¨ part of Chile, which I guess just means the more rural side. Santiago is great, but it´s just like any other big city and you become isolated quite easily.
We spent the first night camping in Pisco Elqui, good to feel dirty again! relaxing in the sun, and a bit of dipping in the creek. The plan was to go to the Mamalluca observatory to see the stars but because of the climate that never happened. Luckily the first night there was clear enough so we had our own show with the naked eye. Beautiful sky! So clear that the stars illuminated the surrounding mountains, nothing short of ethereal.
The next day we wanted to continue camping, but with little preparation that didn´t go through very well, so instead we stayed in a hostal, essentially the home of the most adorable littly lady I´ve ever met. Juana, was so kind as she shared her home and her family. It was a good cure for some homesickness. AND the next day! We went for a 6 hour hike in the cerros (hills or mountains) so beautiful and I hope to get pictures up soon.

All I can say is this refueled my excitement about being here, I just need to get out more. So here I got on a hopefully more adventurous experience of this country. I went about this trip with as little expectations as possible and so doing that I enjoyed every bit, now I only need to maintain that mindset and apply it to life in general.

So there we are, I hope to speak to y´all much sooner and to grant you some fotos!

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