martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Transcending nonreality

It seems it took a weekend of debauchery, not being myself to swing my back to a sense of reality. A weekend birthday in Pichilemu, a small surfing town about 3 hours away from Santiago. I've learned so much, maybe too much this weekend, but in a good way. This will keep me thinking for a while, but it's all very much for the better.
First off, for some reason I can't handle the alcohol too well here, so that's over. It's easy to get carried away especially when everyone else is doing the same, but that's not me blaming them.

Another thing, nothing I do can be blamed on someone else. I was also reminded that although I've imagined myself as an open and honest, genuine person I still have a lot to work on in the field. It starts with being totally honest with yourself and I think this weekend got me there or at least very close. I'll be working on a lot on making life less complicated and I see good things coming my way.
I'm also going to be letting a lot of things go. I've been dwelling on a lot of things lately and although they won't go away completely I'll be approaching them differently. I came to Chile to make progress. I'll always be making progress even with set backs, but I hope I can maintain an honest and genuine quality about myself because that's what I appreciate most in others.

Don't be too scared, but I'll have a nasty scar in a couple of weeks to remind me of all this, that's good right? Someone's making sure I never forget! Literally the most ridiculous weekend of my life, I've only imagined these things happening, like something out of The Hangover.

And again the weekend before in Valle de Elqui, much more calm, and learning a lot as well. And so my life gets a jumpstart again! ahhhhhhh.........

So with that, let's see some pics!

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  1. Wise words. I'm glad you are doing alright.

    Is the scar what I think it is?