martes, 3 de agosto de 2010


So, finally some pics from a week or so back. A dear friend of some of us roommates, Karla, invited us to stay over at her house for a night in La Cruz. We didn't get there until midnight, so there are no pictures, but her mother stayed up to serve us dinner!
Here are some memories from the next day, starting with breakfast.

It wasn't entirely ripe, but I wanted to try lucama. It's the fruit above except Mercedes, mom, recommended to mash it up with cream. Que delicioso!

Here we are! Aspen, Hassan, Karla, Franziska Y madre!, Aspen y Hannah
View from outside the house, and into the car we go!

That is a Toyota Yaris, seats four when in reality we are 7: 2 in the passenger seat, 4 of us in the back and mom driving!

Touring the countryside, if you look closesly you may see some Paltas! (Avocados)

And we encountered this exciting foot bridge! Makes you think of Indian Jones, right?

More of that beautiful green slime, and look! It's the Andes in the distancia.

I couldn't resist taking some mid-air photos! Fernanda y Karla

Aspen and Hannah, oh Joy!

And the men decide to be a bit more daring. Me, then Hassan.

Look at all those gates! Then back into the car, this time me on top in the back.

And off to the nursery, que bonita no?

Another happy dog.

And Mercedes was nice enough to drive me to Quintolla for the bus to Santiago.
Sadly I had to leave early for a school project, but I'll see you again dear Paltalandia!

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  1. All your pictures are beautiful, Boy! It really looks like you are having a great time and I am excited to see some of these places myself. I'm glad you're having this experience even though SF doesn't feel the same without you. I love you and miss you and hope all is well.