jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

Lagging again?

Sorry folks!

What's new? Night after Critical Mass, I encountered an exciting demonstration of High School Students, part of La Revolucion de los Pinguinos de 2006. They are still very active these days. I got quite inspired considering the state of our education in CA, so much that I forgot to air my grievances here.

Also! School has started! Although I only have 1 class at the moment. Estetica Moderna y Postmoderna. It's an abstract subject but the professor is extremely passionate and a please to listen to. It's a chore concentrating in lectures, but I was expecting that.
I have 3 other classes to look forward to in the coming weeks.
Cultura Chilena
Espanol Avanzado
Seminario en America Latina Siglo XX

Today! I cleaned the fridge, boy was it disgusting, but those kinda things build character, no? I had been wanting to clean that damn thing since I got here, rotting food and mold, not so nice. But I did it and I feel so much better, yay responsibilities!
I was actually planning on going to the beach and getting drunk (apparently a tradition of the first weeks of school, but they sold all the tickets before I got there. So just as well I think.)

If it all goes my way I'll post some more pics tomorrow.
Love y'all

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